Are Inflatable Kayaks Safe In The Ocean

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Aug 2, 2022

August 2, 2022

Kayaking is one of the most fun water sports. If you love the ocean and crave adventure, kayaking is the perfect hobby for you. If you are just starting out, you may have tons of questions about kayaking. For instance, it is important to figure out which kayak suits you the best. A lot of beginner kayakers want to know if inflatable kayaks are safe in the ocean. You would probably like to know the answer to that too. Luckily, you found the right post. Through this article, you will come to learn all about inflatable kayaks, including how safe they are to use in the ocean. So, without further ado, let us jump right into it. 

Can you use inflatable kayaks in the ocean?

Yes! You can use inflatable kayaks in the ocean and be fine. Inflatable kayaks are durable and sturdy. They are designed to handle rough waves well. So you can rely on your inflatable kayak to get you through the rough waters of the ocean. 

But hold up! That is not all you need to know. There are several things you should be aware of when it comes to inflatable kayaks and how they work in the ocean. Sure, inflatable kayaks can withhold the ocean waves. But for that, you have to take some measures and take care of the kayak. 

Let us see what you should know about keeping your kayak functioning well.

Maintaining Your Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable kayaks are safe to use in the ocean. However, did you know that salt water can be damaging to inflatable kayaks? Yes, that is right. Saltwater can cause damage to your inflatable kayak over time. So how come it is safe to use in the ocean, then? With proper care, inflatable kayaks can withstand salt water. For that, you have to take care of it. 

To prevent such damage, remember to rinse the kayak well using fresh lukewarm water and soap. Make sure not to use any harmful or strong cleaning agents, as they can cause damage to the material of the boat.

When you clean it, make sure you drain the excess water by using a clean towel. Otherwise, moisture could grow mold on the boat’s skin. 

Are all inflatable kayaks safe for the ocean?

For the most part, yes. As we mentioned earlier, inflatable kayaks are safe to use in the ocean. However, you have to choose the right inflatable kayak to go kayak surfing. Most inflatable ones are good choices. But that does not mean all of them can handle the ocean, including the salt water and the rough waves. 

If you aim to go kayak surfing, you should get yourself a kayak specifically built for this purpose. Also, you may come across a lot of inflatable kayaks that may be relatively cheaper. However, we would recommend going for a higher-quality one over a less expensive one. Even if it costs you more, quality matters more. Make sure to invest in a kayak that can serve you for years.

The advantages of inflatable kayaks 

There are all kinds of kayaks available on the market. So what makes inflatable kayaks stand out? What do they bring to the table that makes them a better choice? Well, let us see.

Easy to Store 

Compared to traditional kayaks, inflatable ones are easier to store. That is because inflatable ones allow you to deflate and fold down to fit into a bag or any small storage space. Suppose you plan on going kayaking on your own. In that case, inflatable kayaks are perfect for you. Why? Well, because you can easily take them with you by yourself. It does not take much effort whatsoever. On the other hand, traditional kayaks require a lot of help to transport. 

It is easy to move around

When it comes to traditional kayaks, you need a lot of assistance from others to carry them. Transporting it in a vehicle can be a challenge because they are not flexible at all. You would have to figure out how to make it fit into the vehicle and how to transport it without damaging the interior of the car. Sometimes, if the car is not spacious enough, you might have to tie the kayak to the roof to transport it. 

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of time, thought, effort, and energy just to transport a hardshell kayak. On the other hand, inflatable kayaks save you from such stress. You can easily fit the inflatable kayak in your car boot or back seat and transport it.

More durable

Inflatable kayaks are also more durable compared to other types of kayaks. That is another reason to choose an inflatable boat for your adventure. You can rely on it for a safe kayak surfing experience as it can effortlessly withstand hard knocks and bumps that you may encounter.

Disadvantages of inflatable kayaks

So far we have discussed the pros of inflatable kayaks. However, that does not mean they are flawless. Some issues come with inflatable kayaks that you should know about. The biggest issue with inflatable kayaks is the sun. Yes, you may not even realize it, but the summertime can be the biggest enemy of your inflatable kayak. How does that happen? Well, let us break it down for you. As you know, it can get extremely hot in the summer. 

The extreme heat can cause the air in the inflatable kayak to expand. You already know that the right amount of air is crucial for your kayak. So if it expands too much due to heat, it can damage the kayak.

  • It can be dangerous to you if this happens while you are using the kayak. 
  • So what can you do to keep your kayak and yourself safe?
  • Store it out of direct sunlight and check the air pressure before using it.
  • Use a 303 protectant spray to protect the kayak from harsh UV rays.
  • Moreover, you always need to make sure you pump in the right amount of air pressure before going kayaking. 

Do not worry. Take these measures and you can ensure the safety of your kayak and yourself too.

Wrapping up

There you go! Now you know that you can use inflatable kayaks in the ocean. However, a word of warning: note that it can be dangerous to kayak in the ocean for less experienced kayakers. So if you are a beginner, practice in calm bodies of water first before moving to the ocean. Inflatable kayaks can serve you well compared to traditional kayaks. As we discussed in this post, inflatable ones are more durable, easy to transport, and easy to store as well. Make sure to take care of it well and take measures to maintain it. That way, you can make the most of it for years to come. 

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